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Miriam Yeung Chin Wa was nominated for Best Actress for the first time. Although tomorrow the result would be revealed, Chin Wa was not nervous at all. The Hong Kong Film Award Best Actress was too far away for her.

Chin Wa said, "When I first took the romance LOVE IN A PUFF (JI MING YU CHUN GIU), it was purely because I liked the script. It was very close to me, I believed the audience would relate to it. I never thought what it would bring me." Chin Wa earlier won the Film Critic Society Best Actress award with PERFECT WEDDING (PO PO CHIU GAI YUN), now with LOVE she was nominated for the Hong Kong Film Award. She thought this year was a good start. "I am very appreciative. Turning from a singer to an actress, I have never studied at any training class. I had zero knowledge about acting. Luckily directors still gave me a chance. With every movie I seemed to have attended one class, step by step I explored the mystery of acting. With the Best Actress award and the Hong Kong Film Award nomination, I finally passed my transition from singing to acting and received everyone's recognition."

Chin Wa has seen all the competition films. Who did she feel was the most threatening? She said, "Comparison is very hard. Award shows aren't volleyball elimination matches, not everyone is playing volleyball. Every film genre and character is different. It's very hard to say which opponent is the most threatening. I can't play BREAK UP CLUB because I am almost 40. I can't be certain whether Sit Hoi Kei performed well or not. Although I am a local girl, I am not suitable to play Tang Wei's CROSSING HENNESSY character. I can understand this character portrayal difficulties. Sister Ka Ling played Wu Zetian in DETECTIVE DEE AND THE MYSTERY OF THE PHANTOM FLAME (DIK YUN KIT ji TUNG TIN DAI GOK), which was also difficult. It required strength and domination to be convincing, not just anyone could play it. Chiu Yi in DREAM HOME was very human, everyone did great." She instead thought LOVE IN A PUFF's Shawn Yue Man Lok and BREAK UP CLUB's Jaycee Chan (Fong Cho Ming) deserved Best Actor nominations. She said, "Lok Jai's performance was very convincing, Cho Ming's airport scene even made me cry."

Speaking of LOVE IN A PUFF, the hardest for her was smoking. Chin Wa said, "I don't smoke, but I was afraid that I was realistic enough. Before the shoot I personally experienced it at night spots many times and discovered many different expressions while smoking. I saw a girl who in the time of a cigarette met a guy, truly amazing!" She revealed that after LOVE advertisers thought her image was not good enough and she lost several campaigns. As for how much she lost, she never calculated it and never hurt over it. She said, "If I didn't make LOVE, my losses would have been much greater." She admitted that as she grew older, she felt that she should not have any baggage. She would put down her persistence and could accept different genres and characters. She felt that if she played her DUMPLING character now, she would be able to master the character.

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