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Jackie Chan, Chiu Nga Chi, Maria Cordero, Willie Chan, Daniel Wu
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Making countless superstars in the Hong Kong film industry for over 40 years, Willie Chan Chi Keung last night won the Professional Spirit Award. The event arranged to appear on a boat. The guests gave him a standing ovation. His "children" including Jackie Chan, Daniel Wu (Ng Yin Cho), Simon Yam Tat Wa, Melvin Wong Kam Sun and Chiu Nga Chi, Maria Cordero and others waited for him on the stage. Jackie Chan even personally went on the boat to help Chan Chi Keung to the stage, then they hug. Jacky Cheung Hok Yau who could not be there due to his concert recorded a performance of MY WAY to congratulate him.

Jackie Chan said that he knew Chan Chi Keung for almost 40 years. They went from being ordinary friends to partners. He did not have any part in winning awards, but he had a part in getting yelled at and fending off debts. Thus he had to thank him for holding back many storms for the film industry. Although his children were grown, in their hearts he would always be that wall that stopped the storm. Chan Chi Keung then accepted the award from presenter Raymond Chow Man Wai. He said that although he studied architecture at the university, these 40 years proved that he was in the right business. Despite all the joys and pains over the years, he was certain that he was much more happy than unhappy. He also thanked the children who he has always with.

Veteran film professional Terry Lai received the Lifetime Achievement Award. After accepting the award from presenter Ng See Yuen, she said that she was very fortunate to join the film industry because film gave her quite a sense of satisfaction. Every time has been creative.

She said, "Every time I go to the movies and see the audience release their joy, anger, sorrow and happiness, I feel very lucky to be able to be a part of this industry because it can have the complete attention of the audience in two short hours." She also thanked her working partners of many years and her husband's tolerance. The only minor regret she had was due to work she did not have much time to be with her children. She had to say sorry to them. She also wished a better tomorrow for Hong Kong film and create the reputation of the Eastern Hollywood again.

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