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Already a heavenly queen in music, Miriam Yeung Chin Wa in recent years appeared at the Hong Kong Film Award mostly as a spectator. On tonight's Hong Kong Film Award, Chin Wa with the film LOVE IN A PUFF (JI MING YU CHUN GIU) received her first Best Actress nomination and competed against Carina Lau Ka Ling, Tang Wei, Fiona Sit Hoi Kei and Josie Ho Chiu Yi. Chin Wa honestly said that she had the ambition to win she had little in real confidence. She would enjoy being able to sit next to veteran Lau Ka Ling, being nominated together she was already satisfied. Chin Wa supported the veteran. Ka Ling earlier also picked Chin Wa. Chin Wa was pleasantly surprised, "I am very scared. Did she really say that? If she praises me, I am really very happy! From the day I participate in New Talent, I would've never imagine myself sitting next to Sister Ka Ling with a nomination. That tension even without an award is already an encouragement."

Chin Wa said that at first when she learned that she was nominated for Best Actress, she indeed had strong ambitions. She made a comparison. "It's like being a singer for the first time, wouldn't you want to win the Most Popular female singer? Thus appears the mentality to prove myself. I absolutely have this ambition, but having ambition doesn't mean having confidence. The competition is truly too strong."

In the face of strong competition, Chin Wa naturally has to learn to treat winning and losing normally. Luckily she has Real Ting Chi Ko next to her. "Mr. Ting doesn't encourage me, but he often criticizes me. At first I couldn't help but ask, 'What are you doing!' Later he explained that I had to face the award normally. Since I wasn't acting much, I didn't deserved the award. He wants me to expect the worst. If I win I would be even happier, if I don't I wouldn't be disappointed. He said that was positive energy. Earlier when I read the natural disaster news, I asked him 'it's like the end of the world are we still having children?' he immediately said don't think too much. If the world truly ends, then the baby would be destined to be Neon Genesis Evangelion."

This year can be said as Chin Wa's harvest year in film. Earlier with the film PERFECT WEDDING (PO PO CHIU GAI YUN) she received the Hong Kong Film Critic Society Best Actress award. She was very happy to be recognized and had to thank all the directors who yelled at her. "I started as a singer, I learned as I worked. Patient directors would have time to teach you, some directors wouldn't expect to teach you any lesson so inevitably I got yelled at. However I have to thank them for being willing to yell at me." As for any new attempt in her future roles, she said, "I feel directors and screen writers would decide that. Why do I want this award so badly this time? One of the reasons is I hope after winning an award I would have more chances to make different types of movies, or directors would be more confident in me. Actually the most important word to actors is opportunity."

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