Wednesday, April 20, 2011


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ATV this year broadcast the Hong Kong Film Award, but according to the TVB announced rating information, the event's average rating was only 7 points and highest rating was 10 points. ATV did not believe the result, thought that TVB's never changing 650 household sample was not credible and even questioned TVB struck at ATV with "falsified" rating. In turn they upset CSM, which was responsible for the rating survey. Yesterday CSM along with TVB and the Association of Accredited Advertising Agencies of Hong Kong issued a joint statement that said ATV's so-called "falsified" was completely baseless and a severe accusation that damaged the organization (media research) reputation. They expressed deep regret and reserved all right to take action.

According to TVB, CSM's rating survey format and technology met international standards. Everyday it had 2,000 samples from 650 households, the margin for error was within 3% and every 24 hours the latest and the most accurate information was provided. Thus it was currently the television industry's only recognized standard. Hong Kong began rating survey in 1978 through telephone surveys. Then in 1992 it switched to personal rating record and included digital television, LED and LCD viewers to satisfied the complicated and ever changing television industry and advertiser demands. ATV in the past has always participated but last December ATV suddenly announced its resignation and returned to the phone survey format that the industry abandoned. They were not only disappointed but also hoped that TVB would soon participate in the only
industry recognized rating survey again.

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