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Tony Leung Chiu Wai is working on the Derek Yee Tung Sing directed THE GREAT MAGICIAN (DAI MOR SHOOK GA) in Beijing and was unable to accompany his wife Carina Lau Tak Wa to her Hong Kong Film Award Best Actress victory last Sunday. THE GREAT MAGICIAN will complete production in June. Wai Jai and Zhou Xun's costumed looks were unveiled yesterday. As Zhou Xun stared lovingly at Wai Jai, who knew if she was "electrocuted" by them! The film will be released on December 22.

THE GREAT MAGICIAN originally was scheduled for a Lunar New Year release, but it was moved up to the holidays and possibly compete the Zhang Yimou directed HEROES OF NANJING (scheduled for a December 16 release). At the same time, many have already compared Wai Jai and HEROES OF NANJING's Hollywood star Christian Bale because both are handsome men who can act. Also, Christian Bale played a magician in THE PRESTIGE earlier.

Emperor Motion Pictured invested US$15 million on THE GREAT MAGICIAN, which began with a love triangle in the 1916 warlord era. Wai Jai in the fill played a magician, Zhou Xun played his fiance. Wai Jai had to win back Zhou Xun from the Lau Ching Wan played evil warlord. The process involved many plots and schemes. Other actors included Mainland star Yan Ni. Yee Tung Sing described THE GREAT MAGICIAN as not only a legendary story about magic but also a mixtures of fantasy, romance and action elements, which will be an all new experience for the audience.

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