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The film ROMANCING IN THIN AIR (GO HOI BUT JI LUEN II) shot on location in Shangri-La, Yunnan, which officially completed two days ago. At night a special banquet was held. Director Johnnie To Kei Fung, Wai Ka Fai, Sammi Cheng Sau Man and Louis Koo Tin Lok attended. At the event To Kei Fung asked Goo Jai and Sammi to sing, but Goo Jai was unwilling and even mentioned Andy Hui Chi On to mess with Sammi. They honestly said that this collaboration was pleasant and hoped to have a chance to work together again, but it definitely would not be SEX AND ZEN.

To Kei Fung spoke at the banquet. He thanked the team's effort for the past two months. Then he dragged Sammi and Goo Jai on stage to sing. Goo Jai looked awkward. "You are messing me with me!" Sammi later sang MOON REPRESENTS MY HEART and Goo Jai could only accompany her with dance. He even joked, "Good, Hui Chi On!" When Sammi sang SMALL CITY STORY Goo Jai took the chance to leave the stage. Halfway through Sammi forgot the lyrics and was about to leave when the audience screamed encore. She jokingly said no, if she kept singing she would have to charge. Sammi later toasted the guests and Goo Jai drank for Sammi like a gentleman. Finally Ah To, Sammi, and Goo Jai went on stage again and sang together, but Goo Jai ultimately did not sing.

Goo Jai later said that he was not a singer. Sammi joked that his SHEENA RINGO was quite a hit. Goo Jai helplessly said, "You are my loyal fan." As for Goo Jai yelling "Hui Chi On" on stage, Sammi said that Goo Jai was messing around. Goo Jai defended himself and said he only told the truth. Sammi immediately had nothing to say. Goo Jai continued to mess with her. "Ox tongue rice also spoke!" Sammi said that she would not talk about her personal life.

Sammi said that on the day of the Shangri-La wrap, she cried all day. She cried the most in her career in this film, even her eyes were swollen. She said that in one scene Goo Jai also gave a detailed performance as he was teary eyed. In a touching scene they really shed tears together. Sammi honestly said that some past experience helped her performance. When life was very depressing, it helped with the performance. She used real effort and emotions.

Goo Jai said that this time he saw a new Sammi. He praised her as very tough and she did not eat in order to slim down for the movie. Sammi was teary eyed and said that she started to understand what acting was, she learned to let go. She thought that working with Goo Jai was very interesting and looked forward to working together again next time. Goo Jai joked that as long as it was not SEX AND ZEN then he was fine. Sammi immediately laughed and said that she did not have what it took. Goo Jai also joked that he too did not have what it took.

In addition, two nights ago Ah To brought a dog on stage and raised a glass all over the place. Goo Jai pointed out that the dog was a key actor in the film. Originally after the shoot it had to be killed. Ah To after founding it wanted to take it to Hong Kong. Due to transportation issues, he asked the Mainland assistant director to take care of it.

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