Wednesday, April 13, 2011


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Vonnie Lui, Yukiko Suo

Leni Lan Yan
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Vonnie Lui Hoi Yan, Hiro Hayama (Yip San Ho)
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3D SEX AND ZEN: EXTREME ECSTASY (3D YUK PO TUEN ji GIK LOK BO GAM) held its premiere two nights ago in Causeway Bay. The event arranged for the actors to be in a rickshaw parade. Attendees included Hiro Hayama (Yip San Ho), Leni Lan Yan, Yukiko Suo, Vonnie Lui Hoi Yan, Tony Ho Wa Chiu and others. Lui Hoi Yan appeared in an extremely sexy look and left even Japanese adult video actress Yukiko Suo in the dust. The event arranged for 10 guards for security and the police also assigned around the officers to maintain order. Several hundreds of people looked on.

The actors appeared as a pair of a man and a woman to appear on stage in rickshaws. When the event began, Sukie Shek Wing Lei performed the theme song. The slightly sexy Shek Wing Lei received flowers from a man. Lui Hoi Yan and Yip San Ho arrived together. Lui Hoi Yan said that because she was so nervous about the premiere she has been fasting since the two nights ago. On the day of the event she only had a sandwich because she worried that she could not wear this sexy dress. Finally two days ago she felt somewhat nauseous and sick. She said, "I would prefer beauty over life, I have a great sense of satisfaction from being pretty." Lui Hoi Yan said that the dress was purchased earlier in Taiwan for a suitable time. She already took all the safety precautions with pads, pasties and tape. Was she worried about being touched while in close contact with people. Lui Hoi Yan said, "The security has done very well, Hong Kong men also are quite gentlemen. I even received fresh flowers from a guy for the first time. During photo opportunities I will use my elbow." The man originally sat in a wheelchair, finally he stood up to present flowers. Lui Hoi Yan said, "That's pretty good, seeing SEX AND ZEN can cure all ills."

Yukiko Suo said that she never thought about having her thunder stolen. The rickshaw ride in the city was very pleasant and intense. At the same time she was not worried about being touched. As for Lui Hoi Yan's sexy look, Yukiko Suo complimented, "Very cute, I like it very much." Suo said that she never thought men would be rude. She would only take the usual wardrobe malfunction prevention. Being completely ignored, Lan Yan did not dress provocatively. She said, "I am afraid of the cold. In addition I am an actress. I am not a sexy girl, I can't possibly walk that route." As for accusations of deliberately pulling up her dress during the ride, Lan Yan denied them and said, "I don't know, I am wearing shorts underneath. Just now there were too many people."

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