Sunday, April 17, 2011


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The animated film DORAEMON THE MOVIE: NEW RECORD OF NOBITA THE SPACEBLAZER yesterday held its Hong Kong premiere. The event invited Elanne Kong Yeuk Lam to be the guest as she played games and gave prizes away to children.

Kong Yeuk Lam said that later she will head to Singapore to make a movie. In the new film she would work with Wai Ying Hung and A Niu, She said that in the film she played A Niu's wife. They definitely would have intimate scenes. Kong Yeuk Lam said, "A little intimacy is inevitable, something that a couple would do." Why not get a more handsome lead actor? Kong Yeuk Lam said, "He is the husband type, then it is dramatic." She taught children how to save money, while her mother took care of her finances. "Mama says that in two more years I should have enough for a home. Now I have enough for a car."

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