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Janice Man Wing Shan in the film PUNISHED (PO YING) played a unscrupulous wealthy businessman Anthony Wong Chau Sun's rebellious daughter. Because her mother died when she was young, she lacked fatherly love and would always oppose Chau Sun. In the film she had to take drug and be on the receiving end of a slap from Chau Sun. She absolutely made sacrifices for the film. Luckily Chau Sun held back and did not damage her pretty looks.

Janice Man suffered in a variety of ways for this performance. More memorable for her was the drug scene. Although the team arranged for healthy glucose powder as prop, she remained nervous because she had to inhale the powder through her nose. She said that it felt very strange. Luckily before hand the director gave her a lot of drug video for research and she picked it up very quickly. However Janice said that taking drug was child's play, the most painful was Wong Chau Sun's slap. The scene took over 8 takes and Chau Sun slapped her 8 times. She said, "Brother Chau Sun didn't hold back, he said that in his years in the business he was very used to hitting people and getting hit. However I thought it really hurt. It's the first time I got slapped so many times. Getting slapped by Brother Chau Sun was worth it, I learned something."

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