Sunday, April 3, 2011


Kwon Sang-Woo

AKB48's Ayaka Umeda, Sakiko Matsui, Ami Maeda
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Aaron Kwok Fu Sing and Masatoshi Nakamura
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Masao Sen, Masatoshi Nakamura, Judy Ongg (Yung Sin Yuk), AKB48 from Japan and Japanese star Chie Tanaka from Taiwan spoke on stage. Masatoshi Nakamura thanked everyone for their warmth and would relay it to all Japanese people. He even said in Cantonese, "Thank you very much!" in a show of sincerity. Masatoshi Nakamura honestly said that this was Japan's biggest crisis, but he believed that Japan and the Japanese people could overcome this crisis. He hoped that everyone would give Japan strength.

Later in an interview, Nakamura said that his hometown of Miyagi, one of the disaster areas. 5,000 out of 10,000 people have passed away. Every Japanese actors have donated money for disaster relief. He even opened an account to raise fund for the victims but has not counted the amount. When the disaster areas stabilized he would visit the victims. As for the classmates who he lost contact with, now they have been confirmed to be fine. However he had a cousin who passed away during the earthquake. He also honestly said that the people of Tokyo were very worried about radiation because they did not know whether the news was accurate as the government announcements were different from reality. In one moment the food was fine and in another people were told not to eat it. At the same time because everyone was stockpiling water, they also have a water shortage.

Chie Tanaka stayed for a short while before rushing back to Taipei. Seeing the enthusiastic support of Hong Kong for the victims, she was teary eyed. She also honestly said that now many Japanese people had troubles spiritually and actually, but with everyone's love she believed that Japan would get stronger. Yung Sin Yuk described that Japan was her adoptive mother, now the adoptive mother was in great trouble. Amid the trouble she heard about so many people holding this concert for Japan, she believed that the Japanese people would sense everyone's love and walk out of the disaster to rebuild their homes.

Korean star Kwon Sang-Woo said that Jackie Chan called and asked for his help. He rushed over in the middle of a film production. Earlier many Korean stars donated to the Japanese victims. He also planned to discuss holding a fund raising event with his manager after he finished the film. Has his Japanese friends been affected? He said 100 fans remained out of reach. Because fans were like his family, he was very worried about their safety.

Popular Korean group Wonder Girls two days ago arrived in Hong Kong and left after the show ended last night. They were very heartbroken to hear about the Japan earthquake and were behind the people of Japan. Have Koreans held fund raising events for the victims? They said that earlier they were in New York so they did not know, but they believed they would.

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