Tuesday, July 10, 2018


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Ng Siu Hin two nights ago on the set of his film with his manager Ronnie, Tony Wu Tsz Tung, Sabrina Cheung Man Sha, Locker Lam Ka Hei and his on screen family Charlene Choi Cheuk Yin, Candy Man Suet Yi, Alex Cheung Kwok Ming, director Patrick Leung Pak Kin, producer Amy Chin Siu Wai celebrated his 25th birthday. Ng Siu Hin even quoted his favorite director Wong Kar Wai, "Age 20 is too young; age 25 is the golden age, it is the most exciting time." to welcome his 25th birthday, thanked everyone who has struggled with him and he benefited from a lot.

Two nights ago at midnight, friends Tsz Tung, Sabrina, Locker suddenly appeared to surprised Hin Jai, who was preparing for work. The team also prepared a cake to celebrate with the birthday boy. Hin Jai was surprised. "I never thought that they would appear suddenly, just as the team broke for late night snack. I thought my manager would ask me to go out and eat, as soon as I came out I saw everyone -- with my on and off screen families all at once. I couldn't get everyone together even if I planned it, so I was very happy. Tonight had no soccer match, so everyone had ample time!" Everyone even the birthday song in both Chinese and English to him. He said that this year his birthday was particularly cheerful, with enough feet to play for the World Cup.

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