Tuesday, July 17, 2018


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Yesterday the Golden Horse executive committee announced that the new chair Ang Lee invited Gong Li to be this year's Golden Horse Award jury chair. He praised Gong Li for her Chinese film industry resume and ample international jury experience. She was the most suitable choice. Because he was the 50th Golden Horse Award jury chair, he deeply understood that this position was both a honor and a difficult task.

However 4 years ago Gong Li competed for the Golden Horse Best Actress with COMING HOME as the favorite but lost to EXIT's Chen Shiang-Chyi. Later Gong Li brutally through her manager blasted the Golden Horse Award as unfair and described it as an "amateur film festival". She said that everyone in the art community would look down upon unfair film festivals. "This was my first trip to the Golden Horse Award and my last!"

No one expected that Ang Lee would break the ice between her and the Golden Horse Award and for her to be the next jury chair. Gong Li said, "Film is a mirror that reflects our lives and dreams. Giving my life to film and serving film is my lifelong duty and pursuit. Thank you Director Ang Lee for the invitation and trust. I am willing to give my all for Chinese film."

The award ceremony will take place on November 17th in Taipei. On October 1st the nominations and the jury members will be announced.

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