Monday, July 16, 2018


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Kevin Cheng Ka Wing joins the "STORM" film series and works with Louis Koo Tin Lok in their new film THE L STORM (L FUNG BO). The first time they meet he has to interrogate him. However, the director changes the script at the last minute. Ka Wing says that he cannot disappoint as he put all his brain power on going over the script. "On the first day of working with Goo Jai I of course can't disappoint, so I tell myself I would rather die than have a bad time! The director increases the difficulties and wants to shoot two scenes at once. Thus all the lines are changed. I of course have to memorize them immediately. Luckily in the end I don't have any bad take. It is very exciting!" Goo Jai has worked with his other co-star in the film, Julian Cheung Chi Lam. Many scenes are done with just one take. Chilam says that it is their chemistry is a culmination of their years of friendship.

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