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The Joe Ma Wai Ho and Liu Yuen Hung produced, Sunny Chan Wing Sun directed, Francis Ng Chun Yu, Poon Chan Leung, Ken Wong Tak Bun, Tony Wu Tsz Tung, Nancy Wu Ting Yan and Jennifer Yu Heung Yi starred Dragon Boat movie MEN ON THE DRAGON (YIK LAU DAI SHOOK) will open on August 2nd. Director Chan Wing Sun earlier with Jennifer represented MEN ON THE DRAGON at the New York Asian Film Festival. The film also held its global premiere there to a full house. The audience response was decent as the film was praised for being realistic, inspirational and relatable.

MEN ON THE DRAGON was the only Hong Kong film in competition at this year's New York Asian Film Festival. Chan Wing Sun said, "When I learned the news I was surprised, but after the premiere earlier I saw how great the audience response was. I finally relaxed and the film's Hong Kong release next month also got a shot of confidence."

Jennifer was very happy to see the decent audience response after the screening as they shared many opinions about the film. She said, "Maybe the audience related to the movie a lot, everyone was very enthusiastic at the question and answer segment after the screening." Jennifer also admitted it was her first time watching MEN ON THE DRAGON as well and the movie moved her as well.

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