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Sammo Hung Kam Bo earlier promoted the current release IP MAN 2. Sammo was the action director and star in this film, which had numerous action films. Earlier director Wilson Yip Wai Shun praised Sammo for his professional performance. In one scene he fought with the British boxer, was struck in the face and started bleeding. However Sammo still insisted on completing the shoot before going to the hospital. Sammo Said that he truly bled that time and in the end toughed out five hours before completing the shoot and going to the hospital for four stitches because he did not want to hinder the production progress. Was the other actor terrified? He said, "Yes, he kept saying he was sorry." Sammo in the previous film was only the action director but won the Hong Kong Film Award Best Action Choreography award. Why did he act in this film as well? He said, "I work when someone hires me, I don't work when they don't hire me. Actually the character was suitable. I didn't have any pressure from the previous award. I hoped to be able to give everyone an all new feeling." Sammo expressed that he personally did not feel a third film would be necessary.

Yip Wai Shun pointed out that Donnie Yen Chi Tan played Ip Man the best in the film industry. Sammo honestly said that Chi Tan performed very comfortably. However he never lived with Ip Man, thus he did not know whether he was the most suitable. Did Sammo have any box office expectation? He said that it should do well in the Mainland and be able to pass 100 million. Did Sammo feel the cast was obedient? He said, "OK. (Were they hard working?) Everyone was." Did he feel Huang Xiaoming have action film potential? He said, "Yes, when you ask me like that how can I say no. It was the action director who did well!" Sammo honestly said that Chi Tan during the shoot gave him some suggestions, but he would do whatever he and the director asked. He also said, "Actually I don't mind, as long as he listens then it's fine. If he doesn't listen and does whatever he wants, if I got fired I would be even happier, since I wouldn't have to work but still got paid." As for Jackie Chan's New Seven Little Fortunes in the Mainland, will he follow suit and train new comers in the same manner? He said, "When I take in disciples I don't have anything for them to do. Should I bring them to Hong Kong to have fish ball noodle? I like to be more carefree so I didn't take in any disciple." The film has already passed 100 million in the Mainland box office.

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