Thursday, May 27, 2010


Suki Lee Si Pui
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The first Macau International Digital Film festival and digital technology forum yesterday officially opened in Macau. Many famous Hong Kong directors, film producers and artists attended. They included famous director Yanyan Mak Yuen Yan, Tin Kai Man, Lam Suet, Zoey Sham Kit Yi, Suki Lee Si Pui, Lawrence Chou Chun Wai and others.

Tin Kai Man stated that the digital technology development has gradually matured. He believed in the not too distant future his use in film production will be more widespread than film. Although the new release DREAM HOME (WAI DOR LEI AH YUT HO) was criticized as a bloody and violent work, Chou Chun Wai felt that this represented the Andrew Lin Hoi produced special effects as successful. Every detail was handled very attentively. He would like the chance to make his own 3D documentary.

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