Thursday, May 27, 2010


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The Jet Li (Lee Nin Kit) starred OCEAN HEAVEN will be released at the end of month. Jay Chou (Chow Kit Lun) wrote its theme song SAID FAREWELL (SHUET LIU JOI GEIN). This slow song told a touching father and son relationship and in concert with the film. Fans could not wait to upload Chairman Chou's music video online with over 800,000 hits. Chow Kit Lun and Lee Nin Kit last worked together on the 2006 film FEARLESS when Chow Kit Lun wrote the title theme song for Lee Nin Kit. Lee Nin Kit praised Chow Kit Lun's music has always been positive and represented young people's endless self strengthening.

Lee Nin Kit has been Chow Kit Lun's idol since his childhood. Chow Kit Lun was very excited to work with him again on OCEAN HEAVEN. He said that FEARLESS and OCEAN HEAVEN were completely genre films. He looked very much forward to Lee Nin Kit's "abandoning martial art for drama" performance in OCEAN HEAVEN. SAID FAREWELL was on Chow Kit Lun's 2010 latest collection CROSSING ERA. The lyrics in the end were the most sincere words from the heart of the Lee Nin Kit played character. With Chow Kit Lun's trademark tender interpretation, the song drove people to tears.

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