Monday, May 24, 2010


Young model and mother Mia Chan Ching Yi talks about her past

Vibeke Ma Chuek Ning
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New model Vibeke Ma Chuek Ning yesterday along with other models attended the film NG HO TING GEI PING (TERMINAL NUMBER FIVE) Hong Kong audition. Vibeke earlier was revealed that she was attacked and scarred at age 17 as someone left a 4 inch long scar on her face. She broke down when she talked about the incident, saying that it occurred years ago. Although the police was contacted so far she still had no idea why she was attacked. "I changed a lot, I grew up like overnight. That incident had certain effect on my career. I once wanted to give up, luckily my family helped me through the depression period. Now I would feel sorry to see so many young people who gave up their lives. When you run into a setback you shouldn't give up."

Don Li Yat Long yesterday was the host. He said that he would like to play a role in the film. When he first met with the young models he felt very embarrassed and felt like an uncle. He expressed that lately he has been busy with working in the Mainland, but because of that he had
very little opportunity to converse with others in Cantonese. Sometimes he would feel bored. As for a Mainland girlfriend, he stated that he was interested in someone in Taiwan. He hoped to have some career achievement before beginning his pursuit. He denied that she was Mandy Chiang Nga Man who is working in Taiwan, but a Taiwan local.

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