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The Andrew Lau Wai Keung written and directed romance MEI LAI YUN SUN earlier held a press conference in Beijing. The director along with the leads Shu Qi, Liu Ye and Tian Liang attended. Lau Wai Keung said that this film took two years of time and effort to make. He felt that whether action or romance, it was just a type of packaging. Conveying the emotions in the film was the most important. He said when he made INFERNAL AFFAIRS (MO GAN DOH) he wanted to evoke everyone's understanding of values of money, power and truth. This time he examined the character's romantic views.

Liu Ye and Shu Qi have worked together previously on THE FOLIAGE and BLOOD BROTHERS (TIN TONG HAU), so they already had great chemistry. In THE FOLIAGE their romance pulled at the heart strings and made many viewers cry. In this film their romance was full of twists and turns. Lau Wai Keung revealed that this time they would have an even more satisfactory ending. MEI LAI YUN SUN is a love story between the Shu Qi played Hong Kong girl and the Liu Ye played Beijing guy. The host and the audience tested Shu Qi whether she could be a Beijing daughter in law. Liu Ye and Shu Qi had to use the other's native dialect to express their love. Shu Qi said in the Beijing dialect, "Say, do you like me, don't hesitate! You are so dishonest!" Liu Ye said in Cantonese, "Do you like me, let's date pretty girl?" The crowd laughed.

The life segment followed. Liu Ye demonstrated how to wash clothes with a washboard to Shu Qi. The host asked Liu Ye the other use of washboards. Liu Ye joked that aside from washing clothes it could be used to kneel. Shu Qi looked very confused. Liu Ye could only demonstrated how to kneel with a washboard. Tian Liang in the film played an introverted youth, he honestly said that he liked challenges. When he was diving he liked to challenge more difficult moves. Actually acting was like diving. As a professional diving team member he could not know just one move or one difficulty. While acting he could not play a character only and should challenge some different characters. Tian Liang expressed that he would work with his diving champion spirit to get the full score.

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