Friday, May 14, 2010


Li Lingyu, Fan Bingbing, Qin Hao, Wang Xiaoshuai, Zi Yi, Li Feier
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The Wang Xiaoshuai directed Chinese film CHONGQING BLUES will compete in the Cannes Film Festival. Two days ago it held a press conference. Actors including Fan Bingbing, Qin Hao, Li Feier, Zi Yi attended. The earlier media screening had generally good reviews. Wang Xiaoshuai did not state his expectation of an award but he very confidently stressed his confidence in the film.

A premiere was held that night as the cast walked the red carpet. When they appeared on the red carpet, fans who have waited for a long time immediately responded with passionate applause and cheers. On the other side of the Cannes beach the China Night event took place with a variety of palace lanterns and music from guqin, film professional Chinese and foreign alike seemed to have been transported to an ancient Chinese courtyard. The laser martial art performance, modern shadow play and Beijing opera water sleeve performance filled the Cannes beach with Chinese flavor.

The media screening yesterday morning had 90% admission rate. After the screening the venue applauded as several overseas media all gave positive reviews. CHONGQING BLUES is about the Wang Xueqi played father who after learning the child he had with his former wife was killed as a hostage in a supermarket headed to Chongqing to find traces of his son's life. One film critic praised the film subject as great. He felt that the media screening lacked applause, which was unfair to this film. A reporter had endless compliment for Wang Xueqi's performance but felt that the film dragged on. Another female reporter also felt that the ending was superfluous and should have been left more unclear, as a lot did not need further explanation.

Chinese media responded to the film decently. A newspaper reporter felt that Wang Xiaoshuai is gradually marching toward the master class. The film had many flaws but he felt that the film's last ten minutes dragged on and might feel dull to foreign viewers who did not understand China. Another magazine reporter stated that the film and in particular Wang Xiaoshuai's performance exceeded her expectations.

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