Sunday, May 9, 2010


Huang Xiaoming

Huo Siyan
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The month long 17th annual Beijing University student film festival closed two nights ago at the Beijing Olympic Center. Huang Xiaoming, Jaycee Chan (Fong Cho Ming), Huo Siyan, and others attended. Huang Xiaoming went on stage three times. Not only his film THE MESSAGE won Best Picture, he and his classmate and friend Vicki Zhao Wei both the Most Popular Actor and Actress awards.

Huang Xiaoming wore a pair of sunglasses. He explained that while working on the Chen Kaige directed new film ORPHANS OF ZHAO artificial blood got into his left eye. The doctor discovered that his cornea was burnt and for now he had to avoid strong light. Huang Xiaoming mischievously removed his sunglasses and greeted the audience with one eye. When the Most Popular Actor and Actress were announced, the event went into its climax as Huang Xiaoming and Zhao Wei both won. Zhao Wei did not personally accept the award but over the phone Zhao Wei gave her first thank up speech after giving birth. Zhao Wei won her third Most Popular Actress award and despite not being there in person, she still received thunderous applause. "It's incredible, I never imagine that I can win this award. Although this is my third, it is still very surprising. I know I was nominated but I never thought I still could win this award." As for this year's plan, Zhao Wei said that she would like to complete her graduation work in a hurry and graduate next year. "This year I have something that I wanted to complete. I still haven't graduated with a director degree, hopefully this year I will complete my work and graduate next year. I don't want to drag on anymore."

In addition IP MAN 2's Wilson Yip Wai Shun and BODYGUARDS AND ASSASSINS' Teddy Chan Tak Sum both won the Most Popular Director award. Everyone was concerned about whether IP MAN 3 will be made and whether it will focus on Bruce Lee. Yip Wai Shun expressed that if IP MAN 3 will be made it will feature Huang Xiaoming's "Wong Leung" character.

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