Thursday, May 13, 2010


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Lam Ka Tung yesterday promoted his producer debut film GALLANTS (DAI LUI TOI) on ATV. Ka Tung expressed that lately he has been promoting the new film all over. Earlier he just returned from Beijing. He said, "As a first time producer I have to keep a close watch on the numbers. I don't have any experience, before I only acted." He said that the film wanted to bring a message to everyone and talk about certain spirit. The meaning behind it was "get up where you fall". He said, "Many times in life something unexpected happens. In the face of difficulties and hard times when you suddenly fall down, you can easily get lost. You have to learn how to maintain balance yourself."

Ka Tung expressed that this time he asked Leung Siu Lung and MC Jin to perform. He said that when he asked Leung Siu Lung to perform, he already told him that this time he did not have to be invincible because people ultimately would fall down. He also said that before the shoot he had to keep a close eye on the numbers, in the end it still exceeded the budget a little. Will he produce again? he said, "Being a producer gives me a sense of satisfaction, a knowledge that is outside being an actor." He revealed that the film will open June 3, with a premiere at the end of this month. Now he is planning a ring at the premiere for the audience and participants to express their views in with certain song coordination. He said, "The ordinary premiere is too short, this time I want a four hour long premiere."

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