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The Chow Yun Fat, John Cusack, Ken Watanabe and Gong Li starred film SHANGHAI will premiere in Shanghai on June 17. Fat Gor in 1980 became a star with the television series THE BUND (SEUNG HOI TAN). 30 years later he returned to the Bund and played a boss, still cool and stylish; Gong Li reunited with her 2006 film CURSE OF THE GOLDEN FLOWER co-star Fat Gor. Her figure remained alternative attraction from her acting and the story.

The film's stills and international trailer yesterday were unveiled. In the two and a half minute long trailer, Fat Gor's THE BUND and A BETTER TOMORROW (YING HUNG BOOK SIK) mix again appeared on the big screen. At the same time in order to make his vicious mob boss image stand out, he displayed his tattoos in a scene in which he was injured. Gong Li's figure also appeared in the footage. She had a passionate kiss scene with John Cusack as she thoroughly performed her internal emotional struggle. The film had many gun and explosion scenes that displayed big Hollywood film style. Currently the leads have decided to attend the Shanghai premiere. Will Fat Gor after playing Hui Man Keung start another BUND fever with mob boss Anthony?

According to the film's release company Huayi Brothers chairman Wang Zhonglei, the film was a joint co-production release with the famous U.S. company Weinstein. Due to the U.S. attention to the Mainland box office, they decided to release the film in the Mainland in June first. The film will be the first China U.S. co-production that will be released in China first.

4 months before the Pearl Harbor Attack in 1941, the John Cusack played reporter went to Shanghai to look for a friend's murderer. In the process, he met the Shanghai mob boss Chow Yun Fat and his wife Gong Li. They proceed to develop a love triangle. At the same time, he also discovered a shocking secret that involved Japanese, U.S. and Chinese spies.

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