Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Wong Yau Nam, Clement Cheng Si Kit, Derek Kwok Chi Sin, Lam Ka Tung
courtesy of takungpao.com

Lam Ka Tung two nights ago as the producer along with the film GALLANTS (DA LUI TOI)'s directors Derek Kwok Chi Kin and Clement Cheng Si Kit and actor Wong Yau Nam attended a forum at the City University. Ka Tung hoped that the film will be nominated next year, but right now he was the most concerned about the film's word of mouth.

Ka Tung two nights ago reported some good news, pointing out that Chen Kuan Tai who played Chung Sing in the film has been invited to attend a Montreal film festival; another actor Leung Siu Lung was invited to go to New York. Ka Tung said that if he had time he would go as well. He also said that Teddy Robin Kwan would have foul language scenes. Dubbing would lose some of the spirit of the film so the Mainland requested a Cantonese version release. He personally would like a Cantonese version release as well. As for the category IIB rating despite the foul language, he explained that because the foul language was not offensive and was only adjective. He also stressed that GALLANTS was not too commercial. He joked that he had to conserve the film industry.

Yau Nam and Ka Tung became familiar with the IP MAN production. He even caught Ka Tung's eyes for GALLANTS, but during the shoot Yau Nam's father had business issues and made him lose focus. The team even once planned to cast again. Luckily he received Ka Tung's guidance and support. When he insisted on using him, he awoke from the conflict. Thus he was very appreciative. Now the matter has been resolved already. Yau Nam in order to bring life to the frail guy character, he who was already very frail lost another fifteen pounds to 115 lbs. Although it was tough he still had a lot of fun.

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