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Eddie Pang
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Max Zhang is encouraged to see female viewer support for the film
Babyjohn Choi admits that he is a beginner with guns
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The Sun Entertainment Culture film SPL 2 (SAT POR LONG II) last night held a celebration in Causeway Bay to celebrate the film's HK$ 13 million Hong Kong box office and 500 million total Hong Kong and Mainland box office. Max Zhang Jin, Eddie Pang Wai On and Babyjohn Choi Hong Yik received the good news with the cast and the crew. SPL 2 producer Paco Wong announced, "Because the Mainland and global audience widely like this film, we will do our best to start production the third film as soon as possible!" Everyone presented five birthday buns to director Soi Cheang Po Shui not only to celebrate his birthday on the 11th but also to celebrate his becoming a 500 million director. Zhang Jin in SPL 2 won 500 million box office with his hard fight. He said, "I am very happy. This is a men's film, but the spending power ultimately is women driven. It's not easy to be able to attract women to the movie, which proves that this film's quality is good! My wife (Ada Choi Siu Fun) saw it too. (Did your wife's heart ache?) She would think of how much I hurt during the shoot. She has seen me limp home, I had to tough it out even when I slept. (Will you make the third film?) I just found out, let's see if they will ask me? Even if they will I will still have to see about the character. However the third film should be even better."

He revealed that earlier when he worked on his new film IP MAN 3 he was injured. "I hurt my rib and my wrist, but action actors shouldn't complain! After IP MAN 3 I will immediately shave. I don't like to have the same look for a long time. (What happens if you have to shoot again?) Not my problem, I left the production already." He also pointed out that the physical pain was no match for the emotional pain. "When I got home the last few days, my wife went to the Mainland for a reality show shoot. My daughters went on vacation in Cheung Chau. I was by myself, which was more painful than any injury!"

Babyjohn looked forward to the third film. "I am very happy to learn about SPL 2's 500 million box office, it's my first film that made over 100 million. I have talked with the director. He said that in the next film I will keep shooting. This time I was a Chicken Little shooter. Next time I will definitely be more familiar. (Will you fight?) I plan to learn from a master. When I see Zhang Jin fight, I see what kung fu is."

With his relationship with girlfriend Queenie Chu Wai Man in danger, Eddie said that they were in the midst of getting back together. He said, "On Duen Ng Festival she said that she wanted to take a swim in Dragon Boat water, I said let's go to the pool and she said the beach. She even said, 'Why don't you swim in the tub'. We are getting back together, but we need time."

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