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Eddie Peng Yu-Yan, Shawn Dou Xiao and Wang Luodan in the Emperor Motion Picture TO THE FORE (POR FUNG) are in a love triangle. Pneg Yu-Yan played a passionate guy who also had a lot of ways to win girls over, a little better than the naive yet attentive Dou Xiao. Speaking of his experience of fighting over girls, Peng Yu-Yan was somewhat pleased with himself as he said, "In this area, I still have a little self confidence." Does his character resemble him in real life? Peng Yu-Yan said, "In some places! Director (Dante) Lam Chiu Yin wants my performance to be more direct, without too much decoration. Also because the character is a cyclist, his every move would become passionate and more self confident. As for ways to win over girls, actually every guy should know them. Whether it is buying gifts for her or telling her a joke to make her laugh, they can want to get her attention!"

Wang Luodan praised both men on their own advantages. She said, "I have worked with Eddie on two films. He is exploding with positive energy and has no bad habit. At work he is very professional, wouldn't grandstand, he says when he should. When he shouldn't he can be very low key. Dou Xiao is a big kid. He is just the opposite of his character's stiff personality. The real him is energetic, happy and loves to joke around. Working with them is very pleasant."

Because they are playing cyclists in the film, the actors in order to stay in tip top shape had to strictly control their diet. An avid food lover, Peng Yu-Yan said that the worst was when they shot a hot pot casserole scene. They got to look but not eat. He said, "Because I have to stay in shape, I originally really like to eat but I have to stop eating many kinds of food. That hot pot casserole scene's dishes all smell delicious, but I can only pretend to eat and can't really eat too much."

Also playing a cyclist, Wang Luodan before the shoot also accepted a series of rigorous cycling training. She experienced the importance of training. She said, "Training starts from easy to hard, I learn to pedal, climb hills and knowledge about the roads. At first I am able to handle it, but the director is very demanding. Everyday he arranges a rigorous training, we even have to take a photo at the finish to show him. I can't take some of the physical training, I even want to throw up. When the shoot begins, finally I understand how useful the training is. If we haven't been through it, we probably wouldn't be able to handle the long production process."

Wang Luodan admitted that after the shoot her legs have become stronger, so she always reminded the photographers to make her legs look slimmer. She said, "Coach says that my leg muscles have become sensitive, as long as they take more stress they will strengthen. So I deliberately choose slow run and focus on upper body exercises to slowly let them recover."

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