Tuesday, July 7, 2015


Wong Yau Nam wins his first acting award
courtesy of on.cc

Wong Yau Nam with his film WONG KA YAN won the Indie Fest Film Award of Excellence for leading actor. Yau Nam was unable to personally accept the award, which finally reached his hands recently. Winning his first film award after over a decade in the business, Yau Nam could not be more excited. Yesterday he said, "When I ran into highs and lows in life in the past year, I felt that as long as I got roles I could continue to act and have motivation. I hope everyone will give me more opportunities from now on. (How will you celebrate?) I really haven't thought about it, maybe I will wait until the film promotional period and get the cast and the crew together for dinner!"

Reportedly, Yau Nam's manager would like him to spend more time to develop the Mainland market, but he stated that he absolutely would not give up Hong Kong and thanked his fans for their support.

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