Monday, July 13, 2015


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In the film Amber Kuo's boyfriend runs off, so she gets Louis Koo to pose for wedding photos
Louis Koo gives Amber Kuo a kiss on her forehead
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Louis Koo Tin Lok and Amber Kuo earlier worked on their film PARIS HOLIDAY (BA LAI GA KEI) in Parc de Sceaux in Paris, France. In the story Amber Kuo's boyfriend Jeremy Xu (Tsui Ching Hei) "ran off" so she asked Louis Koo Tin Lok to pretend to be a couple in a wedding photo shoot. Yet they ran into a large group of resting tourists. Koo Tin Lok said, "We kept running, while they were so relaxed. It's like they were watching us in a show!"

Amber said, "It's really too pretty here. I have worn wedding gowns countless times before, I started to feel numb. Yet in this film in one scene I opened Goo Jai's wallet and saw our wedding photo. It looked very beautiful. Suddenly I felt that planning a wedding although was quite a bother, it was worth remembering the best moment. Thus in the future I still want photos." However they said that during the shoot the photographer asked for a French kiss and they felt awkward.

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