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Nick Cheung is lonely from being left home alone
Nick Cheung gives students a physical basketball training lesson and jokes that the students are carrying cannons.
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Currently busy with the production of FROM VEGAS TO MACAU 3 (DOH SING FUNG WON 3), Nick Cheung Ka Fai yesterday attended an "Adidas Men's Training" event. The film will shoot until October so Ka Fai was unable to spend the summer vacation with his wife and daughter. They could only visit the U.S. without him. He claimed that he did not like to travel so he was pleased with being spared, but when he thought of being alone at home after work he felt that his wife was too merciless. He joked, "Tell her to be careful in her later years!"

Speaking of FROM 3, Ka Fai said that he has never made such a big production. The team used several studios to build sets in Hong Kong, the scale of which could rival Hollywood. He said, "Following the success of the first two films, the budget and the star power are increased this time. (Did you get a raise?) Yes. The investors got good results so they showed me a little love." As for whether his salary was HK$ 20 million, he refused to reveal because it was a business secret.

In the film Ka Fai had more scenes with Chow Yun Fat and Andy Lau Tak Wa and ran into his "brother" Jacky Cheung Hok Yau less. The film will shoot until October so he was unable to vacation wit his wife and daughter. "They went to the U.S.. Luckily I had work on hand. I don't like to travel, at top I would go to some short distance trips. (Why don't you like to travel?) Because I found the flight and the hotels hard to take. For example when I went to Europe, no matter how bad the local Chinese restaurants were I still went to have a bowl of rice. Then I would want to return to Hong Kong. I don't like to run around, so no matter how Hong Kong turns out I still like Hong Kong." He then joked, "I have no ambition so I can't work in Hollywood. (Do you charge more for working overseas?) No."

He said, "I feel that the perfect life is to chat a little after coming home, spend a little time with my daughter, when they go to sleep I would go on the computer. (You can invite friends home for a party?) My friend circle is narrow. I contribute all of my time to work, at most I would chat with Gor Gor (Cheung Hok Yau) in the middle of the night. He can stay up."

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