Wednesday, July 22, 2015


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The Louis Koo Tin Lok and Amber Kuo starred PARIS HOLIDAY (BA LAI GA KEI) opens today. The film was shot on location in Paris, but actually shooting beautiful people in beautiful scenery was not easy. For example the famous landmark the Arc de Triomphe did not accept the production application. Thus the team had to negotiate wit the local police many times to finally receive an exception permit for limited production.

Shoot in the City of Romance, did Goo Jai have any romantic encounter on long vacations overseas? he said, "I haven't been on vacation for a long time. Even when I do I would go with my family. I am also very curious about why I never had any romantic encounter. Maybe I would have to ask a fortune teller."

Between romance and action, which genre did Goo Jai prefer? He said, "Actually it really doesn't matter, as long as the audience savors the film that I am a part of it is already the biggest gain for an actor." Director James Yuen Sai Sun revealed that this time the team had an adventure in Paris because famous French director Luc Besson coincidentally was shooting his new film BASTILLE DAY there. In addition they were also shooting at the same landmarks so they often had location clashes. They were forced to yield and he did not have any chance to run into Luc Besson.

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