Wednesday, July 29, 2015


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Richie Jen takes a group to visit the Twin Heart Fish Trap, one of the locations in his film
Richie Jen teaches everyone to dive and enjoy the coral reef
Richie Jen enjoys the sunshine with Gau Hung
Richie Jen tries a "Gau Hung" (Taiwan Abalone)
Richie Jen enjoys cactus ice cream
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Richie Jen (Yam Yin Chai) yesterday continued to promote his new film ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE (LOK PAU BA OI CHING) in Penghu, Taiwan. Siu Chai yesterday morning almost 100 members of the media from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia on a boat ride to the famous landmark Qimei Island to dive. He even enjoyed the seafood Taiwan Abalone (Jiu Kong) with famous Taiwan host Lu Kung-Wei (Jiu Kong). Siu Chai said to Jiu Kong as he ate, "I am eating you, brother!"

Later they took a ride to visit famous landmarks, one of which was an important location in the film, Twin-Heart Fish Trap. Siu Chai took the megaphone and said, "This is a place where the ancestors built with rocks to catch fish. It looks like two hearts so it is called 'Twin Heart Fish Trap'. In the film I lied to Shu Qi about the legend that if she threw a rock toward the Twin-Heart Fish Trap she would meet her Mr. Right, which she believed was true." In real life, Siu Chai said that he was a "swindler" too. "I always promise my family or fans that I would meet with them and go on vacation with them, but because of work I have never fulfilled that and I swindled them." He admitted that his children would complain sometimes, but earlier he already took them to Taiwan to visit Grandpa and they had a lot of fun. IN addition, Siu Chai played music with his mobile phone for Gau Hung and the actresses from the film could perform a hilarious rendition of THE MOSQUITO SONG.

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