Friday, July 10, 2015


Rachel Chau and Rose Chan still smile despite the heat
Director Checkley Sin personally directs Brain Yuen's action scene
Rachel Chau has a bike riding scene
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Artist Rose Chan Ka Wun led junior colleagues Rachel Chau Ka Lei, Brian Yuen Chung Yeung and Crztal To Ji Jeun Xiqiao National Arts Studio for National Arts Entertainment chief Checkley Sin Kwok Lam's directing debut, BA BA, DUI BUT HEI (PAPA, SORRY). Brian in the film played Chan Ka Wun's father in his youth.

Chan Ka Wun in the film constantly needed to run away to test herself physically. With the heat during the shoot, she often felt dizzy. Luckily she kept a fan and kept drinking water to reduce her temperature and did not suffer a heat stroke. Working with her junior colleagues Ka Lei and Brian on a film for the first time, Rose said that she would very gladly answer their questions about the shoot. She was reminded when she was new. Brian was tall and handsome, Chan Ka Wun said that Brian's eyes were electric, but joked that since he was still young she would not be electrocuted.

Brian in the film had to handle a lot of action scenes. Although normally he practiced kung fu, it was his first action film. He said that luckily he had Master Sin Kwok Lam to show him the ropes. He said, "Luckily Master Sin Kwok Lam is the action director. He even very patiently teaches me. I was only able to complete the action scene because of him." In one scene he was so focused on his performance that he injured his hand. He just disinfected the wound before jumping back into the shoot like a professional. Brian hoped to have a chance to play different characters and hone his skills. Sin Kwok Lam was rather pleased with Brian's performance.

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