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Gloria Wong plays a social worker
Amy Ai plays a sex worker
New comer Yeung Tsz-Yiu spends two hours on a dramatic scene
Don Li
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Don Li Yat Long, Lau Nam Kwong starred new film NAM GIK TAM SEH DING two days ago officially began production in Tsuen Wan after several obstacles. New comer Yeung Tsz-Yiu replaced the Chief Executive's daughter Leung Chai Yan in the female lead. Originally "Beef Tripe Girl" Monnie Lee Mei Kei was the second lead. After her replacement Rainky Wai Yui Sum was announced, "photo book elder" Gloria Wong Yung was confirmed to be the "third choice". Playing a mild mannered social worker, Wong Yung changed from her usually sexy way. Amy Ai Mei Kei played a new immigrant sex worker. Wong Yung lamented, "She is very sexy, she stole all the spotlight! I don't mind, I am an actress."

Claiming to be "film industry new comer" Yeung Tsz-Yiu two nights ago shot a scene in which she ate while catching up on her television watching. With only a few lines she had eight bad takes! Then Don and Li's dramatic scene took two hours. After director Lau Chun Fai's patient instructions they completed it successfully. Wong Yung also took the time while not on camera to memorize her screenplay. She admitted that the character was very challenging and very stressful. "This time is quite an acting challenge. They told me not to be so flirtatious when I talk. I went online and played videos on a loop to learn Sister (Candy) Law Lam's mild mannered and mature tone. (Were you the third choice?) I am very happy to get the role, I thank them for turning it down."

Did they have any undercover scene? Playing a reporter, Don said, "Yes, but I am not the one who will be doing it. They say that I don't look like a john. Ben (To Chun Bun) looks dirtier. Eddie (Pang Wai On) isn't bad either." Speaking of all the recasting, Don joked, "A lot of movies are like this, in the past I am usually the one who gets replaced. Finally I am able to start the production, I am very happy."

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