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Eddie Peng wins over Wang Luodan
Shawn Dou and Eddie Peng fall for the same girl and become romantic rivals
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In TO THE FORE (POR FUNG) Eddie Peng Yu-Yan and friend Shawn Dou Xiao both fall for Wang Luodan. Eddie takes Luodan to the seaside to see the birth of a sea turtle. At dawn he gave her a surprise peck. Because it was their second collaboration their performance was full of chemistry. Even Director Dante Lam Chiu Yin could not help but said, "On the day of the shoot, the timing is very important. We couldn't miss the magic hour. I couldn't believe how smooth the production went. Their performance was very loving and romantic. At first a kiss scene was planned, I was very worried because it wasn't my expertise. I was ten times more nervous than when I normally make the explosion (scenes)!"

Eddie talked about his relationship with Luodan and said that in real life they could not set off "spark". He felt that she was more like his brother. Luodan joked that her skin was not light enough so attracting the opposite sex was hard. However she was able to temporarily enjoy the feeling of Eddie courting her, which made her very happy. This time the theme song YOU, DID OR DIDN'T invited JJ Lin (Lam Chun Kit) to perform. It depicted all the trouble, stumble and challenge that everyone experienced in their youth. Conceivably viewers will be able to relate and it will bring back memories for them.

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