Saturday, July 11, 2015


Mrs. Chen Kaige Chen Hong and Aaron Kwok Fu Sing promote the new film in China.
Jaycee Chan's role remained in the film, but it still has its negative effects.
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Aaron Kwok Fu Sing recently with chief producer, Mrs. Chen Kaige Chen Hong appeared at various Mainland cinemas to promote their film MONK COMES DOWN THE MOUNTAIN. Its current box office already broke 350 million RMB.

Jaycee Chan (Fong Cho Ming)'s role remained in the film, but Chen Hong said when talking about the effect of Fong Cho Ming's drug case on the film, "One person ruined one film." She said that other films in general would have a month of promotional period, but they had to wait until the July 2nd release to start promoting as she hinted that the promotional period was affected.

Kwok Fu Sing was asked about his "gay" roll on the grass with Chang Chen in the film. He joked, "Our relationship has already surpassed that between a man and another man."

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