Thursday, July 2, 2015


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Shiga Lin Si Nga, her new film WHEN GEEK MEETS SERIAL KILLER (YEH LONG YU MA LEI)'s director Cheng Kin Wo and internet celebrity Ming Jai talked about their new film. Shiga mentioned that her sausage swallowing scene captured many otaku. "I never thought that everyone's focus would be on this scene. I was a little surprised. This scene was only in the film for a moment, the fantasy of the protagonist. (A photoshopped version has appeared online, are you afraid that it would ruin your singer image?) I haven't seen the photoshopped graphics, but as a public figure whatever I do would have a chance to become a great controversy. If I worry too much and have too much baggage, acting would be very hard." Shiga in the film worked with Bryant Chang. She said, "Not only him, the other actor JC Chee was pretty big too. (Do you like big guys?) I don't have a preference for big guys, healthy and athletic men are more attractive to me."

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