Wednesday, July 8, 2015


Vanness Wu looks upset when asked about his wife
Philip Ng declines to talk about Vanness Wu's personal life
Jessica C. plays a sniper with a crush on the "bad guy" Andy Tien
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Andy Tien, Vanness Wu, Philip Ng
Andy Tien does not mind his girlfriend Jessica C.'s sexy performance
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Andy Tien (On Chi Kit), Jessica C., Philip Ng Won Lung, Vanness Wu (Ng Kin Ho) and Carrie Ng Ka Lai yesterday attended their new film (CHIM LUNG JUI GIK)'s press conference. As his wife again blasted him online, Ng Kin Ho before the interview said that he would not answer personal questions.

12 years after STAR RUNNER (SIU NIN AH FU), Ng Kin Ho, Ng Won Lung and Andy reunited. Ng Kin Ho this time will play an undercover cop and the film will shoot in Hong Kong. Will he have a lot of fight scenes this time? He said, "Quite a few." When asked about his relationship with his wife, he stuck his head out toward the reporter and loudly said, "What?" Then he proceeded to be upset. When the reporter asked again he said, "About this, I am just like everyone. I want to keep it private, thank you for your concern. (Would your personal matter affect your mood at work?) If you keep asking, maybe it would!" Was he upset that his wife blasted him? He continued to be upset and said, "So far I am still not talking about my personal life."

This time was the first collaboration between Andy and JC since they started seeing each other. Will JC have any sexy performance? She said that was not the focus. Andy also said that he would not mind. Would they mind intimate scenes together? JC said that working with her boyfriend would be better than working with other people.

Ng Won Lung this time will be a producer, an action director and an actor. Speaking of his friend Ng Kin Ho and his wife's relationship problems, he admitted that he knew all about it but he would not talk about his brother's personal life. Has he seen Ng Kin Ho contact his wife? Ng Won Lung said, "No. (Since Andy and JC are so sweet together, are you worried that they would affect his mood?) No, everyone is very professional."

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