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Former swimmer Kevin Chu (right) plans to join the film industry
Carlos Chan and Ryan Lui
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Emperor Motion Picture TO THE FORE (POR FUNG)'s actor Carlos Chan Ka Lok yesterday announced the formation of the "TO THE FORE cycling team" with former Hong Kong swimming representative Kevin Chu Kam Yin former news anchor Ryan Lui (Lau Chun Kong) and others. Later it will promote cycling in various districts. Speaking of the film release next month, Ka Lok was looking forward to it. "I can see all the effort contributed to the production 1 year ago, but I would leave the box office for director (Dante) Lam Chiu Yin to worry about. This time I couldn't be more evil. Even in the sequel I hope to continue to be bad. I don't want to play a nice guy again."

Last year Ka Lok was injured during the shoot in Taichung. Yesterday he revealed that recently he had another near miss. "The director and I attended a charity race in the Mainland. The fans were so enthusiastic that some bicycles were 'crushing' me. The situation was similar to when I was injured in Taichung. I immediately braked from the fear, then I saw every bicycles crashed in front of me." Ka Lok also said that he already crashed once in Form 1 and had to be operated on.

Chu Kam Yin made his film debut with TO. During the practices he also had accidents, he was lucky to leave unscathed. Reportedly thus he and lead actor Eddie Peng Yu-Yan became close over that. At age 26 he played to follow elder Alex Fong Lik Sun's footstep into show business and signed with Eddie's management agency. Lau Chun Kong was asked ATV's "recruitment" and humorously responded. "They are global, I am local. I might not be able to speak the Putonghua that they ask for. In addition can they pay the 'heavy offer'? No thank you!"

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