Thursday, July 16, 2015


Don Li sends his regards to the injured Eddie Pang
Lau Nam Kwong
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Eddie Pang Wai On yesterday went to the food factory to observe his restaurant's upcoming moon cake production, then attended his new film NAM GIK TAM SEH DUNG production worship ceremony. Yet while he was at the food factory, he had an accident and broke the bone in his hand. He was sent to the hospital and immediately put under for surgery.

Eddie due to injury was unable to attend his new film NAM GIK TAM SEH DUNG's worship ceremony. Director Lau Chun Fai said that Eddie's family notified him. Lau Chun Fai said due to "beef tripe girl" Monnie Lee Mei Kei's schedule he had to replace her with Rainky Wai Yu Sum. He lamented that how much trouble his new film has run into so far.

Don Li Yat Long said, "He was unlucky to break his arm, but luckily the film hasn't reached shoot with continuity. He could still shoot in a cast." Speaking of Wai Yu Sum, he said that he had no idea. He instead asked who she and Beef Tripe Girl were. "It doesn't matter who gets the role, as long as they are focused on their performance they are OK."

Lau Nam Kwong earlier posted a photo of his struggle on a bus on social media. He said that at the time he carried his golf clubs onto the bus, after 20 to 30 seconds the driver spoke up but he did not argue with the driver. He felt that the driver had a poor attitude and took a photo of him. Then he heard the driver used a lot of foul language. Lau Nam Kwong said that he would not complain to the bus company. He did not want to affect the driver's job. He admitted that it was just a moment of anger. He never expected the internet to be so powerful and wanted to apologize to the driver.

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