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Michelle Williams' husband Tim, son Zac and daughter Emma come from Australia to attend the memorial
Jordan Chan is the chair of the memorial planning committee.  He is proud to have danced Michelle Williams' choreography.
Josephine Siao and her husband Clarence Chang
Sunny Wong and Michael Tse 
Robert Chua and Michelle Williams were colleagues on ENJOY YOURSELF TONIGHT.  
Philip Chan remembers his friend
Aaron Kwok (left) and Sunny Wong (right) respect Michelle Williams very much
Aaron Kwok sends flowers from overseas
Joseph Koo and Michelle Williams dress up for a children song
Michelle Williams was Hong Kong's first generation master choreographer
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Sunny Wong, Michael Tse and Jordan Chan remember Michelle Williams
Michelle Williams' memorial
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Hong Kong's first generation master choreographer Michelle Williams (Mui Sze Lai) earlier passed away in Australia. Her friends and disciples yesterday held a memorial for her at a Tsim Sha Tsui hotel. Her husband Tim Williams, son Zac, daughter Emma and her friend Kelly came to Hong Kong to attend. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Chua Wo Ping, Jordan Chan Siu Chun, Michael Tse Tin Wa, Sunny Wong and Mak Tak Law also attended. Aaron Kwok Fu Sing who was unable to attend sent flowers.

The memorial not only displayed many old photos of Michelle with her disciples and friends but also showed some videos, including her wedding in Hong Kong when Roman Tam (Law Man), George Lam Chi Cheung, Jenny Tseng, Lydia Shum Din Ha were among the guests. Michelle's husband Tim said that he was very heartbroken but was very happy to be invited to come to Hong Kong and meet with his wife's friends. He also said that his wife liked Hong Kong very much. Everyone was there to celebrate her life. Many dancers have said that they have learned a lot from Michelle, Tim said that Michelle also learned a lot from them. He also revealed that last week a private funeral was held for his late wife in Australia, only he and their children attended. Michelle's ashes is now resting at home. He revealed that his wife had emphysema for over 20 years and passed away peacefully in her sleep. "She only wanted to sleep. (Did you have any final word?) She really missed her Hong Kong friends, because her days at TVB were some of her happiest!"

Chan Siu Chun was the chair of memorial planning committee. He revealed that he only had two to three weeks to put together the memorial. Because Grandma (Michelle's nickname) was a foreigner, the format would not be too sad. Siu Chun also praised Grandma as someone who had a lot of ideas and talent, and said that entertainment performance was not just singing in the front, but also a group of dancers performing. Otherwise it would not be the same. Thus dancers were the unsung heroes. Unfortunately now the dance world has zero star to be found. Thus he hoped that in the future he would like to unite people in this category and is discussing setting up an association. Will he be the leader? He said that he would do his best. Although Siu Chun did not officially study dance with Michelle, she handpicked him and Tse Tin Wa to dance in the Italian Opera TURANDOT at the Cultural Center. He said, "Being able to dance her choreography, I already felt like a big shot!" Tin Wa said that he learned a lot from Michelle, including about the stage and how to treat people and handle matter. Did he consider Michelle his mentor? He said, "Anyone who got into the TVB dance team was her disciple, but she left soon after I joined." As for Siu Chun's idea of setting up a dancer association, Tin Wa agreed. "It's a good thing, it will be the best if he will be the president. Depending on my work schedule, I will definitely do my part as needed!"

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