Thursday, July 9, 2015


Poon Chan Leung, Anthony Wong, Sandra Ng and Olivia Yan announces 3 additional shows of their LE DIEU DU CARNAGE run, as Chau Sun threatens to bust the bottle over Kwan Yu's head
Karena Lam changes her hairstyle in hopes of changing her mood
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Anthony Wong and Sandra Ng celebrates the second anniversary of Dionysus Contemporary Theatre
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Sandra Ng Kwan Yu two nights ago attended the Dionysus Contemporary Theatre Second Anniversary celebration, as did Karena Lam Ka Yan with her new hairstyle. She said that lately she has been working on HEAVEN IN THE DARK (UM SIK TIN TONG) with Jacky Cheung Hok Yau. Due to her character her mood has been very heavy. She hoped to change her mood with a new hairstyle. This time her husband directed the film. She admitted that she got jealous when her husband praised Hok Yau's performance. Ka Yan asked her husband about her own performance but he said to wait until they got home first.

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