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A fan scares Lin Chiling out of her wits
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Aaron Kwok and Chang Chen are brothers on and off screen
Chang Chen and Aaron Kwok's exchanges and behavior were described as sexually ambiguous
Chang Chen and Aaron Kwok's roll in the grass becomes a hot topic
Wang Baoqiang jokes about wanting to reprise the embrace scene with Aaron Kwok
Chen Kaige was named the Shanghai Film Academy president
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The famous Mainland director Chen Kaige's three years long production THE MONK COMES DOWN THE MOUNTAIN made over 200 million RMB after 3 days in release. Unexpectedly the most talked about was not Lin Chiling's bed scene but Aaron Kwok Fu Sing and Chang Chen's roll on the grass and numerous embrace and loving stares, all of which were talked about online as full of homosexual love. Yesterday Sing Sing and Chang Chen continued to promote in Shanghai and even graciously embraced to express the life and death relationship that director Chen Kaige asked for.

Director Chen Kaige yesterday promoted the film in the Shanghai University with Kwok Fu Sing, Chang Chen, Wang Baoqiang and Lin Chiling. Lately some viewers described Sing Sing and Chang Chen's performance in the film as "gay". Yesterday they embraced when they appeared, Wang Baoqiang even jokingly embraced Sing Sing and kissed him for laughs.

Chen Kaige was officially named the Shanghai Film Academy president. Chen Kaige said that he did not want to be a figure head. If he only served in named, he asked everyone to ask him to resign. In the future he will definitely teach students. Speaking of his film's polarizing word of mouth, many viewers said that they did not understand it. Sing Sing and Chang Chen's intricate relationship was described online as the Mainland version of BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN. In the film Sing Sing left Chang Chen and told him to get married and start a family. Chang Chen asked if they would never see each other again. Sing Sing answered, "I will always wait for you, I will never leave you." Some online even said that Best Actor Sing Sing even performed the gay relationship just right, as his acting reached another level. Chen Kaige said that if viewers did not understand, it was because an explanation from the narrating character would be unclear. He did not like that either and felt it was not good enough, thus he had to apologize. When speaking of Sing Sing and Chang Chen, he asked for a life and death passion between them -- the brotherhood that already surpassed romantic love. During the shoot he did not mean for them to be gay, but if viewers had the impression he would not object particularly.

Chang Chen admitted that when the director asked them to roll in the grass he was somewhat surprised. He has never worked on such a scene, but during the shoot he would not overthink it. When the viewers feel that the film had same sex love, actually it should be determined by what the director wanted to express. Perhaps because the film removed many scenes the misunderstanding arose. Sing Sing replied that since Chang Chen did not think that way, he did not either. He explained that their roll on the grass looked simple but was very hard to roll elegantly. Thus they had multiple bad takes.

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