Wednesday, July 8, 2015


Eddie Peng and Shawn Yue race to the finish line on foot
Choi Si-Won appears to be in pain after a crash
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Yesterday at the 2015 Tour de France Beijing press conference, Emperor Motion Picture TO THE FORE (POR FUNG)'s Eddie Peng Yu-Yan who played a professional cyclist in the film was named the Greater Chinese Region goodwill ambassador for the tour. He was its first Chinese spokesperson. Peng Yu-Yan was unable to attend but sent a video to share his joy. "I am an actor, because of the film TO THE FORE I fell in love with bicycles. I hope to through my ability make more Chinese people understand this sport. I never thought that I actually would have a chance to represent Chinese friends to promote the Tour de France. It truly is a dream come true."

In addition, the actors of TO shot a group crash scene. No one was afraid of getting hurt as they fell for real. They overlooked the "TO THE FORE scars" that were left on their bodies, picked up their bicycles and raced to the finish line. Korean star Choi Si-Won treated himself like a real athlete. He began work everyday in the middle of the night. He was very expressive when he played hurt in that scene.

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