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Gregory Wong lets Ken Hung cop a feel first.  Playing gay is not awkward for either of them.
Wylie Chiu benefits from working with many film masters
Anthony Wong and Chapman To finally has something to talk about again
Chapman To
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Artists Anthony Wong Chau Sun, Chapman To Man Chak, Gregory Wong Chung Hiu, Wylie Chiu Shek Chi, Philip Keung Ho Man, Ken Hung Cheuk Lap and Jason Wong Chun Fung earlier worked on their Emperor Motion Picture THE MOBFATHER (SUEN LO JOR) at a night spot, where Wong Chung Hiu and his underling Hung Cheuk Lap got into a struggle with another mob boss To Man Chak. Wong Chung Hiu may look tough but actually in the film played a couple with Hung Cheuk Lap. When they posed for pictures they first started with a warm scene, a loving stare, before Hung Cheuk Lap proceeded to put his hand on Wong Chung Hiu's lap. Wong Chung Hiu expressed his pleasure from playing a pair with Hung Cheuk Lap. "I have worked with his girlfriend Tong Yee (Kathy Yuen) before. (Do you feel awkward with Hung Cheuk Lap?) No, I want to tell the director to get more passionate. In one scene we are both in our buff, conceptually it's very extreme. Let's see what the director asks for. I don't mind. After taking the role I have to be that person, even if Tong Yee supervises on the set I would have no problem."

Hung Cheuk Lap gave his all to the film. He even lost weight and got into shape before hand. He said, "This time is extreme. (You aren't used to it?) Before the shoot the director asked me if I could. In one scene I had to be topless, probably my first time on screen. Before hand I had to lose weight as I didn't want to embarrass myself in front of a god. Working with a guy I instead don't have to tell my girlfriend. (Did your girlfriend observe?) I don't know, it's good to tell her to supervise, to keep an eye on us." Reportedly in the scene Hung Cheuk Lap had to take care of Wong Chung Hiu's needs with his hand, conceptually it was rather daring. On the set Wong Chau Sun said that he and To Man Chak were talking again. "Now since we are making a movie I would pay him some attention, usually he talks more. I don't like to talk, I prefer to listen. He has been very gracious." Chiu Shek Chi worked with her junior colleague Wong Chun Fung for the first time. She said that she benefited a lot from working with many film masters in the film.

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