Friday, July 3, 2015


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Frankie Lam Man Lung, Tony Wong Yuk Long and Rachel Lam Hei Tung yesterday promoted their film THE MERGER (NGOR MOON TING JIN BA) on Now Television. Lam Hei Tung said that later she will promote the film at the Book Fair with cosplay. She said, "The film is about student teacher romance, Lam Lung of course plays the spicy teacher. Mr. Wong of course can't just play a principal, we have to think about it more." Lam Hei Tung revealed that she will sign her older sister Chan Man Ping as an artist. Lam Man Lung revealed that the film will open in September. Which plan does his new company have? He said, "The next film will start production in December. We are taking one step at a time, we can't be too greedy."

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