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Miriam Yeung, Angela Wang, Francis Ng play a family
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Francis Ng and Miriam Yeung play a couple and even decorate their home like a palace
Wong Jing declines any coverage from Next Media to avoid getting hurt again
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The Wong Jing produced new film GIRL OF THE BIG HOUSE (BO BUI DONG GA) yesterday held a production start ceremony in Yuen Long. Attending actors included Francis Ng Chun Yu, Miriam Yeung Chin Wa, Angela Wang Shiling, Yuen Qiu, Lo Fun and Jim Chim Shui Man. Although Angela's parents Wang Yuelun and Li Xiang were present, they declined to pose for photos with their daughter. Instead Angela's onscreen father Chun Yu not only sang to her but also bent down to accommodate to her height. He even could not help but bite her chubby arm!

Chun Yu, Chin Wa and Angela were described as "mischievous children", which Chun Yu could not deny fast enough. He said that when he was little he often performed charity like visiting seniors at nursing home. Playing Angela's mother, Chin Wa has a son of her own. This time was perfect for her to experience communicating with a daughter. They were just like friends and she could dress her up like a princess. Chin Wa admitted that originally she was very stressed about working with Angela for the first time, but she was very smart and understanding. The first time they met she already took the initiative to communicate with her. Chun Yu in the film played two characters, Angela's father and the villain. Yet he only got paid once and he felt like it was not too worthwhile. He said, "With the stock market like this, I can only pocket it first." The stock market has been down for several days, Chun Yu admitted that he wanted to buy but as soon as he did it would fall. Even his buddy Dayo Wong Tze Wah beg him not to. He said, "I am even more housewife than a housewife, but during the period I haven't bought any because I couldn't find a stock machine. (Did you make more or lose more?) I don't remember, but the ones that I saved would rise. Some were so low that no one would take them. I would rather buy homes, as it's rather stressful to stare at the stock machine everyday."

Speaking of working with Chin Wa, Chun Yu said that whenever they got together they would talk about parenting. Would he want to have a daughter after working with Angela? He admitted that he would not; Chin Wa said that taking care of two children would be exhausting, because communicating with a boy was different from with a girl. After a long while away from comedy, Chin Wa said that this production had many children and great atmosphere, but during the shoot she had to improvise according to the children's reaction. She even had a secret weapon. "We have a star class robot, even stronger than the one in FROM VEGAS TO MACAU II (DOH SING FUNG WON 2). It was made in one to one scale according to Brother Jing's shape, a companion for Angela." Chun Yu even revealed that in the film his home was decorated like Michael Jackson's, with a carousel and a fountain. The spiral staircase was made according to Intercontinental Hotel's. "At first I thought it was a theme park, but actually it was a set!"

In addition, yesterday's events refused any press coverage from any Next Media publication. Brother Jing explained that a certain publication of that media was unfriendly to him so he decided to protect himself, as he would never give them another chance to hurt him. As for how long the restriction will be, Brother Jing said that it would depend on their performance.

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