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Sandra Ng Kwan Yu and Peter Chan Ho Sun head for Shanghai
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Film star Jimmy Wang Yu at the end of last month suddenly fainted while dining with friends in Zhuhai. Later he was sent to the hospital for examination and was confirmed to have suffered a stroke. Daughter Linda Wong Hing Ping was in a panic and the next day called an ambulance to pick up her father for further examinations in Hong Kong. Yesterday Wang Yu honestly admitted that he needed time to rest from all the traveling to promote in Cannes, even though he had the acting bug he dared not think much about it.

60s martial art superstar Wang Yu rose to fame as the ONE ARMED SWORDSMAN. After years away from the film industry he recently responded to Peter Chan Ho Sun's invitation to return and made the film WU XIA. The almost 70 year old Wang Yu gave a rather exciting performance in the film. In the middle of last month he even promoted the film in Cannes with co-stars Donnie Yen Chi Tan, Tang Wei, Takeshi Kaneshiro (Gum Sing Mo) and others.

Yesterday Oriental Daily caught wind of Wang Yu's hospitalization and called him to confirm. Wang Yu sounded loud as ever as he revealed that on the 29th when he dined with friends at a Zhuhai hotel he suddenly fainted. Later he was sent to the hospital for treatment. His daughter
Wong Hing Ping could not be more worried and the next day called for an ambulance to pick him up for further tests in Hong Kong.

Speaking of his current condition, Wang Yu said not to worry. "It's just a minor stroke, the brain had a clot. (Reportedly your lung was all black from cancer.) No, no, it's just the stroke tightened the throat muscle. Some food didn't reach the stomach and fell into the lung. After coughing it back out I was fine!"

Now Wang Yu is resting at home. The doctor gave him some blood thinning medicine. Today he will fly back to Taiwan and visit with over ten doctors for more detailed examinations. His daughters will travel with him. Was the condition due to the pace of the trip to Cannes? He admitted, "It was too rushed! I really needed to rest. (Will you keep making movies?) No way! Let me recover first. (Still have the acting bug?) Depends on the director. If he's Chan Ho Sun I would, but his production THE FLYING GUILLOTINES (HUET DIK JI) didn't ask me." Wong Hing Ping said, "My Papa indeed went to the hospital earlier and showed minor symptoms. Right now he is fine and out of the hospital. Thank you everyone for your concern."

Peter Chan Ho Sun yesterday appeared at the airport with his wife Sandra Ng Kwan Yu in preparation to promote the new film WU XIA at the Shanghai Film Festival.

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