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Frankie Chan unveiled the Cecilia Cheung's poster
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Since the Shanghai International Film Festival opened, everyone looked forward to Cecilia Cheung Chi's appearance on the red carpet with the LADY GENERALS OF THE YANG FAMILY team. At the earlier official press conference, Cheung Pak Chi did not appear to promote the

The costume action film LADY GENERALS OF THE YANG FAMILY (YEUNG MOON NUI JEUNG ji GWUN LING YU SAN) team with director Frankie Chan Fun Kei, Cheng Pei Pei, Liu Xiaoqing and others appeared. Although Cheung Pak Chi was absent as expected, she remained the focus. Director Chan Fun Kei during his interview said that Cheung Pak Chi's absence was not regrettable, it might be even better for other actors. However she might attend the September premiere. Reporters kept asking about Cheung Pak Chi, Chan Fun Kei said that he had no idea how she felt lately. However as soon as this movie was mentioned she definitely would be in a great mood. "I have been editing the film and just found out that she won't come. If she will be able to appear at the September premiere, hopefully then she can personally talk about it." Chan Fun Kei said, "Actually her absent may be better, otherwise everyone would definitely focus on her. All the questions asked would be about her personal life. No one would care about our LADY GENERALS OF THE YANG FAMILY."

Chan Fun Kei said that Cheung Pak Chi was a woman who had grit and could withstand storms. "She grew up in a different place and experience storms that others haven't. In addition she still is a good mother, which makes her the most suitable choice to play Mu Guiying."

As for the negative reports about Cheung Pak Chi, Richie Jen (Yam Yin Chai) who played Yang Zongbao supported his good friend and said that Pak Chi was not a gold digger. Siu Chai said, "I feel the reports are biased. She is very bold and is active in charity work. She is very kind. Everyone is very concerned with her family life, but since it is other people's matter no one is at liberty to talk much about it. I only know that she is very brave and works very hard on movies. I hope everyone can give the couple some space. Too many people's concern would become a type of pressure."

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