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Peter Chan Ho Sun won a special achievement award at the 9th Reggio Emilia Asian Film Festival. Sandra Ng Kwan Yu earlier went with Chan Ho Sun to accept the award. Kwan Yu also brought home an award as she won Best Actress with ALL ABOUT LOVE (DUT HAN CHAU FAN), much to her surprise.

Kwan Yu went with Chan Ho Sun to accept the award and to go on a holiday to relax, not expecting to receive the good news upon her return that Kwan Yu with the film defeated the likes of BUDDHA MOUNTAIN's Fan Bingbing and Sylvia Chang (Cheung Ngai Ga), CROSSING HENNESSY (YUET MOON HIN NEI SI)'s Tang Wei, LIKE A DREAM (YU MUNG)'s Yolanda Yuan Quan and others to win Best Actress. She said, "Actually after coming back from traveling the world with 'hubby', we can accept awards as a 'couple'. Double the pleasure, from now on we have to go on vacations more!" She also said that she just celebrated with Chan Ho Sun for his special achievement award, when she actually had one to accept as well. "That day I thought I was accompanying Peter to accept the award and visit Italy. On the day when Peter accepted the award, the event chair told me that I was in competition as well. I didn't know at all and asked him which movie. That was when I learned that ALL ABOUT LOVE was in competition and the result would be announced nine days later. Peter even put me down and said the competition was strong, in addition some of them like Fan Bingbing and Tang Wei have won Best Actress with their films so it would not be my turn to win. He sank my confidence so I didn't think about it. Yesterday I received the good news, it is truly
too surprising!"

Kwan Yu was asked if she won the lottery this time would she not be even more excited? Kwan Yu insisted that she was happier about winning Best Actress than the lottery. She said with satisfaction, "I am an actress after all! For an actress winning Best Actress of course is better than winning the lottery! I have to save more luck for the box office and awards. ALL ABOUT LOVE is a city comedy, comedy rarely wins awards. This is something to be happy and encouraged about. So I really have to thank Wong Jing to put an effort into making and supporting some more artistic films, as well as director (Ann) Hui On Wa, screen writer Yeung Kei San and a group of good co-stars (Vivian) Chow Wai Man and (Eddie) Cheung Siu Fai for making a good movie." Since the "couple" both won awards, would they celebrate? Kwan Yu said, "Earlier when we went to Milan I celebrated once with Peter, now I will wait until the award arrives! If last time I went with Peter to the WU XIA Cannes premiere and won Cannes Best Actress out of the blue, that would've been great! Hahaha......"

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