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With almost 200 Mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan film stars, BEGINNING OF THE GREAT REVIVAL did not lack young and new actors. They included Li Qin, Li Chen and Bai Bing. Li Chen and Bai Bing played May 4 Movement's two important figures Zhang Guotao and Huang Shuyi.

Li Chen in order to bring to life the May 4 nucleus leader Zhang Guotao spent a lot of time practicing complicated lines. For the major scene in which over 1000 actors waved banners and chanted, Li Chen almost lost his voice. During the shoot, Li Chen even became the joy of the set. He constantly brought endless laughter to them. The team even held a birthday party for him in Yuan Ming Yuan and bought him a panda hat at the gift shop for his birthday. Li Chen immediately put it on and joked that he was "Panda Man".

Bai Bing played Beijing University student Huang Shuyi. Although she was just a guest star, she already felt very luck to be a part of it. Her most memorable scene was the debate scene with Wang Leehom as a progressive student and Daniel Wu (Ng Yin Cho) as a Beijing University
professor. Their debate made her extra tense.

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